Free Cryptocurrency

Before you can start to claim to the crypto faucets, you need a FaucetPay Microwallet. This serves as the collection point of all crypto assets that you collect on the supported faucets.

After registering to FaucetPay, you need to enter your Personal crypto wallet addresses so you can withdraw your earnings. You can get your personal wallet thru Coinbase,, Celsius, TrustWallet, or even in Decentralized Exchanges like Binance.

Suggested wallet addresses to be linked in FaucetPay
· Celsius Wallet: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH, ZEC
· Binance Wallet: DOGE, TRX (TRC20), USDT (TRC20), DGB
· Trust Wallet: BNB (BEP20)
· Metamask Wallet: FEY

I personally suggest Celsius, because it offers free sending to other wallets and it has a weekly interest on your crypto savings. But some crypto are not available in Celsius, so just compensate by using other wallets mentioned above.

Take note, you can exchange other cryptocoins into a single cryptocoin within FaucetPay microwallet, for example you can exchange all of them for ZEC, which has minimum withdrawal requirement.

ClaimFreeCoins Faucet
· BTC Faucet
· ETH Faucet
· DOGE Faucet
· LTC Faucet
· BCH Faucet
· DASH Faucet
· TRX Faucet
· DGB Faucet
· USDT Faucet
· ZEC Faucet
· BNB Faucet
· FEY Faucet

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