Yikes! I sat with a cyborg!

Sounds weird but its true! LOL.

I have to go to the city to buy some things for my upcoming exam. I don’t have a car, so I have to commute. I hate the transport system on our place, and instead of waiting the thirty minute departure time, I walked across the road and patiently waited for a ride.

Several minutes after, I was saved; I’m now on a transport heading to the city. The transport has many passenger; I don’t mind their businesses. But later, someone caught my attention – a cyborg!

Its not the “Terminator” or “Robocop” cyborg I’m referring to, but a human. He had this wireless Bluetooth headset, a voice recognition enabled phone, and a prosthetic leg. It doesn’t surprise me but I was just amazed. Truly, the robotic future is nearing. The days where we use manual systems are gone. In the olden days one could perform a telephone conversation with the use of a rather big device equipped with earpiece and microphone. One would punch the cellular phone keypad vigorously and navigate around to get what he wanted. One must use crutches and train themselves to get used to it. Now, as this guy have proven, He could just talk and talk without holding anything (to some folks he would be misconceived as a lunatic, not seeing the device on his ear :p). He could walk at ease with his leg. Although this is not yet the typical cyborg as we know it, time will come that these devices will improve and become a part of man physically.

As of writing, I have found articles and sites about the emerging technology. I have included some, that you may be interested into:

The Eyeborg Project. The official Eyeborg website. They are now seeking a volunteer for their “Cherry Darling”.
Wired Article. An article about fusing the nerves with robot limbs.
Wired Article. Dean Kamen’s robot arm.

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