Won a broadband dongle from an online contest

It was my first time to join an online contest, the $3,500 Christmas Giveaway by Jaypee. It was an easy contest actually, just post and re-tweet his blog topic and of course add him as one of your connections. The result of the contest was posted yesterday, and just checked it out this 1st of January. I was of course nervous and slowly scanned the result page. At first glance I did not see my name. When I was about to post a comment to congratulate the winners, I seen a familiar email address – that was mine! I was so happy I won a Globe Tattoo USB dongle.

This year, I’ll keep an eye on Jaypee’s website for further contests. I’m also checking out his sponsors’ websites for other freebies as well – I didn’t notice them last year! :p

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