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Why the church is against RH bill?

As I read a lecture guide for nurses, I read about this:

DOH Effort: National Family Planning Program in 23 in ’93

EO 119 gave a legal mandate to the program from UN Declaration of Human Rights, which considers Family Planning as a basic human right.

The policies outlined were
* to improve family welfare with focus on woman’s health, safe motherhood, and child survival.
* to promote family solidarity and responsible parenthood.

Incidentally, its already proven that there are factors contributing to pregnancy related illness and death among mothers and infants. These are too early pregnancy, pregnancy before age 20 of after age 35, and pregnancy after the 4th baby. So, if we just go blindly following the church’s “holy” orders, who will we blame for the population explosion? Who will we blame for the “retarded” children delivered by unfit mothers? Who will we blame for food shortage? Can we blame the government?

And as i read the draft on the House Bill No. 4244 or An Act Providing for a Comprehensive Policy on Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health, and Population and Development, and For Other Purposes, and Senate Bill No. 2378 or the Reproductive Health Act, I found no excuse on making it legal, because its for the betterment of the country, down to the basic unit of society – the family.

I’m no expert in politics, medicine or theology; but one thing for sure, this controversial bill is significant to our future, not only for us, but the coming generation. The church now makes an impression of threats, to those who may be against them. An example is the threat of ex-communicating the President of the Philippines the moment this controversial bill is legalized. It must be noted that in our constitution, there is such a thing as “separation of church from the state” although it is not the case in Philippines – the church still has the last say on things.

In my point of view, how can condoms, IUDs, contraceptive pills or the surgical methods vasectomy and tubal ligation be a killer of life? So whats the difference of withdrawal method (a natural method of family panning), wherein the male consciously attempt not to deposit his life giving sperm cells to the female reproductive tract, can that be counted as an act of killing life, and how about the calendar method, where the couple agree not to engage in sexual relations knowing they are fertile (able to conceive life)? Is that not an act of premeditated killing of life?

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