What’s a comet?

Comet is a sign of bad luck in the Eastern culture. Its the horseman that will bring disaster, death, and misfortune to humanity. But don’t you know that comet is just a cosmic dust.

Comets originate from two celestial areas – Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud – that surround the Solar System. Comets orbit the Sun, the heat of the Sun melts its ice, forming a head of steam and a long tail of glowing gases.

Oort cloud is a vast collection of ice and space dust. A ball of this cloud may sometimes be dislodged by the magnetic pull of a star near by like the Sun. This detached ball of cloud and dust then speeds towards the sun as a comet.

It was Jan Oort who suggested this theory in 1950. he proposed that comets reside in a vast cloud at the outer reaches of the Solar System.

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