What will you do if you got a crush on your boss?

crush on bossIt’s really hard to do your job when you got a crush on your boss. Oh my foxy lady! She’s really different. I think she’s the one. (lol) The one who will dump me. Again! I have no luck on girls since my lone existence on this Earth. They’re unpredictable species. They’re living in a world with different weather on it and it keeps on changing every single time. And their mind can do super-multi-tasking like a Ubuntu OS. Very savvy indeed and I can’t keep up with it or with them!

Seriously, my foxy lady is doing something in my brain. I can’t take her off my mind and this is not healthy for me. I need to get her out of my system. I will take back those “480 words”. I will reverse the damage through this poem:

480 words
Better left unsaid in time
Written by mistake in line
I don’t know where it came from

480 words
Mumbling in space and void dreams
Running in rhymes, clocks, and signs
Nuisance in block syllables

480 words
It’s mine without a reason
Just erroneous expression
Of a mind in confusion

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