Watersheds: Out of Water

I learned from my science teacher that our body is almost 96% water and we can’t last more than 3 days without water. It’s all around us.  About 97% of the total water of the earth if found in the oceans. However, most of the water we use for daily domestic needs and for industrial and agricultural purposes does not directly come from the oceans. They come from the watersheds.

Watersheds help maintain and support the existence of ecosystem.  I mean it keep us alive literally. We’re obviously losing our water sheds in this country. The way we use water will either help conserve or destroy our watersheds. So, please conserve water for the present and future generations. Conserve water and pay lesser water bill next month. We also carry the burden of privatized water services. Instead of better and more affordable service, private water companies only made the provision of water a source of profit for their creditors and stockholders. What do you think?

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