VLC Media Player for Ubuntu beats the default media players

Debian Ubuntu has default media players namely Rhythmbox and MPlayer, but they are deprived of necessary codecs to play the media well. Plus, it appears that sometimes both media players are interchangeable – and sometimes didn’t work as expected too. In my experience this was an excessive waste of effort, I want to play MP3 and MPlayer opens, and terminates, or I want to watch an .avi movie and the Rhythmbox will open and just hang. And this MPlayer won’t display movie, only sound was produced. So I just removed them altogether and searched the Ubuntu Software Center for alternatives. But there’s no perfect replacement then. I searched online and stumbled upon VLC Media Player – I used it on windows, and why not try it on Linux now?

I downloaded the software on their official website, and made it run. So far so good. It didn’t ask me to install extra codecs any more. And it just suits me as it can play mp3 files and diverse movie formats now.

By the way, VLC Media Player is also available in Ubuntu Software Center. I just missed it out earlier 😛

Ways to Install VLC Player on Ubuntu 10.10

From Ubuntu Software Center

Find “Ubuntu Software Center” somewhere in your main menu pull-down menu. Now type “vlc” on the search box. Then click on “Install”. It may ask you about the root password so just type in and proceed. Any dependencies will be downloaded automatically.

From command line

Open the terminal and type the following

sudo apt-get install vlc vlc-plugin-pulse mozilla-plugin-vlc

just follow through the prompts to install it.

Tip: If you experience that the movie isn’t shown, just click “preference” and on the “video” section find the one stating about video acceleration and disable it.

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