Valentines Day, Violence Day?

Valentines is just a day from now. It is just as highly anticipated as Christmas Day, and people are getting busy on this once-a-year event. Red, the color symbol of love, is just everywhere – from persons wearing T shirts, to confetti and balloons on the malls and grocery stores. Well, like Christmas, how I wish everyday is Valentines Day – where people just care about each other…

But, Valentines Day is just an ordinary day to go through – and to make things worse, with violence. Research shows that almost 55% – 60% of violence committed during Valentines Day is “Date Rape” (also termed as Acquaintance Rape) wherein a victim, usually the female, unknowingly succumb into the bait of a malefic male partner.

Violence in Valentines Day maybe avoided if done with sound precaution. One can join a group date instead of an exclusive bonding with a loved one, thereby decreasing the risk of temptations forth bringing any evil act. I’m not saying that dating without other companion would end this way, but in most cases it do, not unless you are legally bonded with the person you’re dating like engaged or married. And besides, Valentines is meant to be shared to everyone, so its better to celebrate it with friends and family together with your engaged partner. Now that’s safe.

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