Updated my Globe Tattoo E1552 to a latest firmware

I decided to use the Globe Tattoo mobile broadband prepaid kit that I won last December.

My first dongle was a “redbox” Globe Tattoo broadband kit (Huawei E153) – it cant be unlocked. Based on my 2-month use, it was great and I really enjoy the speed. But since I won a new broadband dongle (Huawei E1552), and the packaging says that the SIM included will expire, I decided to use it and sell the former dongle to my cousin. I later found out that the SIM was already expired, saying “SIM card registration failed” when inserted to a phone. I used another prepaid number instead and is now working.

The E1552 data card was a dongle from Huawei that can be unlocked, unlike the later versions in the market. Since it is unlockable, I tried unlocking it with Huawei Unlock Tools and can now use other SIM cards with it. But before anything else, theres a problem with this device – it lacks voice call functionality. I downloaded a Huawei E1552 firmware update, so it can have the call feature activated.

So if you have an E1552 device at your home, I think it deserves an upgrade. Just check out the links above!

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