How to unlock (open line) Huawei E153-u1, E153-u2, and E153-u3

Okay you have this Huawei “redbox” kit from Globe, Sun, or Smart. Well as it is, its understood that it is SIM-locked to the network provider. But how about if you are on a tight budget, and want to unlock the 3G modem instead? With this tutorial, you will be using one dongle for the three 3G internet providers.

The steps are very simple, if you just follow it to the dot. I tested it on my Huawei E153-u2 (SIM-locked to Globe), and it now works very well on any SIM and Mobile Network.

Proceed with caution, and use the tutorial at your own risk! And again, follow the tutorial as described! If its not described, don’t do it! I already get feedbacks of bricking modem. Mostly its because of not understanding the tutorial. So please read it first before performing it.

Step 1. Backup the device’s data (NVItems). Download the QPST software here. Install this software; you will need it on the succeeding steps.

You will need the backup file in case something went wrong

Step 2. Locate your device’s port. Go to Control Panel, Device Manager. Click “Ports”. You should see something like the one below

On this example, its COM4. It depends on your machine! Check it carefully!

Step 3. Run the QPST software from your Windows programs menu. Click Start, All programs, QPST, Select “QPST Configuration”

Step 4. Add the port located from Step 2, to the running QPST program

Its COM4 on this example. Check your own COM port!

Step 5. Uncheck “Show Serial and USB/QC Diagnostic Port Only” to reveal all COM Ports. Highlight the device’s port.

Its COM4 on this example. Check your own COM port!

If you done it correct, you will see something like

It starts with SURF6246 in Philippines
I suggest that you DO NOT CONTINUE if you are not sure that this will work for you or your modem does not start with SURF6246. There is no turning back if the modem is bricked and I am not responsible for that.

Step 6. Highlight the COM Port from Step 5, click “Start Clients”, and select “Software Download”

Step 7. Click the “Backup” tab. Before commencing, make sure the Port: portion of the menu is pointing to the correct COM port. On the QCN File:, just click the browse button, and select the directory/folder you want the NVItems data to be saved. Click “Start”

Its COM4 on this example. Check your own COM port!

Step 8. Download Huawei Flasher here, and the Huawei E153 Downgrade firmware here.

Step 9. Start the Huawei Flasher Program. Connect your Huawei E153 dongle, and close the 3G modem dashboard (the modem application to connect to internet) if it’s open. Wait until your modem is detected in the Huawei Flasher program.

Step 10. Click “Select Firmware” and point it to the E153 Downgrade Firmware file from Step 8. You should see “6246_K” on the Model: portion of the menu

Make sure the MODEL box will show 6246_K if its not like that then stop at this point to prevent bricking your modem

Step 11. Uncheck the “06.bin” on the menu. It is needed so that you won’t get error message when downgrading the modem. Click “Flash modem”, and select “Normal mode”. Wait for the pop-up box for 10 seconds before clicking OK. Then leave the software and modem for the downgrading process. At the end of the process, you will get an error (on the 08.bin) but it’s normal. Wait until it is fully finished

Count 10 seconds before clicking OK! Don’t unplug the modem or use any program while doing this operation!

Now, you can use any SIM you like on your unlocked Huawei E153 3G modem!

If you want to restore…

For restore procedure, perform Step 1 up to Step 6, but on Step 7 select the “RESTORE” tab instead

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