How to unlock Middle East and North Africa SIM Locked Mobile Phones via Call

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Last Monday I bought a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus in Extra Store here in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. When I arrived at home, I see the sticker: “Middle East and North Africam SIM Card Only” 🙁

I know my Indian and Bengali workmates often buy Samsung phones as gift when they go on vacation. So I asked them how they unlock these kind of phones. It was very simple!

First, you need to call your origin country for about five to seven (5-7) straight minutes using a Saudi SIM card inserted to the phone.

Second, after calling, it will be unlocked already. If you have a Roaming SIM card, you can insert and confirm it working too.

* Khurram mentioned in the comments section that Pakistan is included in the MENA Region, so there is no need to do the Call procedure.

* ANDRES mentioned in the comments section that you can also call local numbers and this will unlock the phone. Please comment if it worked for you.

8 thoughts on “How to unlock Middle East and North Africa SIM Locked Mobile Phones via Call

  1. this really works? I have samsung j7 prime now and it says also that only middle east and african sim can be used..i will be back to philippines this nov and i dont know if our sim there will work

  2. For friends asking from Pakistan, no need to worry. I already took 2 phones from KSA to Pakistan and with same sticker printed on it and they worked fine with Pakistan local SIMs. You don’t have to open the phones you want to gift your loved ones and make calls for Middle East and Africa Region restricted phones. I searched reason I found out from Samsung website as they kept Pakistan in Middle East Region not in Asia and Pacific region. Thats why you can buy Middle East and Africa locked phones from KSA/UAE/Bahrain etc and take them to Pakistan without using them for unlocking purpose.

  3. hi can i ask how can i open line my celfone samsung j7duo from saudi arabia? I use this in the Philippines and it is not yet open for smart and globe network? Thanks for your response.

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