Unlimited internet for MTCtouch Lebanon

How to use unlimited internet after consuming the 25MB of MTC Touch WAP

1. Go to Settings

2. Choose Configuration setting

3. Choose Personal configuration

4. Select Add access point

5. Put the name of a person you desire to use as a bearer to avail unlimited internet. (example your employers’ name) NOTE: No need to put password and user name.

6. After writing the name CANCEL or go back to Personal configuration settings and Activate the name you set as an access point.

Take note you need to learn about connect and disconnect trick.

If ever you’ve try to go to an address and its saying connection failed. Wait for 2minutes until d E icon is gone then reconnect. If still you cant load the page or mtcWAP would show a message “you have reached your 25MB” then your phone cant avail the unlimited internet.

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