Types of abdominal workouts that you can try

I’m sure that like me, you want that killer abs. You’ve dreamt of it since college days, and now it seems like it’s really a dream. But don’t be depressed yet; it’s not the end of the world. You must know that there are factors that can influence the formation or the shaping of abs, and they are the genetic factor and the food/lifestyle factor. I’ll discuss a short info on each of them so that you can have a little primer on how you can gain that abs you wishfully sought.

The genetic factor: In theory, you can lose fat, you can lose weight; yet there is no guarantee that it can shape your abs; it really depends on your genes. But you can sculpt your figure by exercise.

The food/lifestyle factor: You can achieve the desired results by limiting your calorie and fat consumption. Although, no matter how strict you are on you’re eating, if you are a couch potato, there’s no use to it.

Now, let’s talk about the exercises
Basic crunch – lie on a firm floor with knees bent and your hands behind the head. Now try to lift your torso using your upper back and the blades of the shoulder. You should never allow your chin and chest to be in contact.
Rowing – lie with your hands below your lower back. Bend your knees and bring them to your chest as close as possible. Now, lift your buttocks inward; lower your hips until your buttocks again touch the floor.
Leg raises – lie on a Bosu ball with hips resting on top of the ball with your hands on your sides. Keep your knees vertically straight up. Keep your legs together and lower them until you are in a diagonal position. Repeat this several times.
Bicycle exercise – still lying on your back, raise your knee to a 45-degree angle. With your fingers lightly touching the side of your head, try to touch your right elbow with your left knee while straightening out your right leg. Do the same on the opposite. This should look like you are on a bicycle while on your back. You can continue this for a set of 12 repetitions.
Sit-ups – assume the basic crunch position with hands placed on the chest. Lift your body on the floor slowly. Be careful not to put too much strain on your back.

Some tips that can complement your exercise regime:
Perform cardio exercises first – you have to perform warm up. It allows maximum oxygenation of the cells and in return helps in better burning of calories. You also have to minimize the resting periods in between exercises to achieve high metabolism.
Eat small, frequent meals – this can prep your metabolism to burn stored calories and fats.
Eat fewer calories – load up your meal with high fiber foods, and make sure you are eating less than your required caloric intake.
Drink water regularly – when you exercise a lot, or the weather is hot, you body sends signal to your brain that it needs re-hydration. This phenomenon, called thirst, can easily be mistaken into hunger. So you must drink water first, before grabbing that energy bar.

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