Turn your computer into a Karaoke machine!

Two software that turns your computer into a Karaoke machine. A link to free .kar / .mk1 is listed below

Gosing! is a free ware karaoke player that plays .midi, .kar, and .mk1 media files. Its a very small standalone program around 300kb only and it needs no extensive set-up. You can also download karaoke files on their website and submit new karaoke files as well.

GoSing! is packed with features such as:

* Full compatibility with .KAR, .MID and .MK1 karaoke files.
* “Signal” lights to give singers a cue of the start, pause and ending of the song.
* Controls to adjust the song with your tuning, tempo control for song speed.
* Tempo control to adjust the song speed.
* No installation needed. Just save and play.

However, if you want to turn your computer into a real, premiere entertainment machine, then having Microke karaoke player is the right software for you.

Microke is a paid karaoke player software with a scoring system, based on syllables sung. Its the same maker with GoSing!, and most features are included, with extra features like auto change background, song reservation & queuing, playing of more karaoke formats and song list printing.

Download links:

Gosing! Free
Microke Standard
Microke Platinum
2500 A – Z midi Karaoke Songs
Gosing! Karaoke A – Z Songs

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