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The tounge-cut sparrow

Once upon a time in age-old Japan, there lived a good old man and her greedy wife. They do not have a child of their own, but a pet sparrow.

One day when the woman was washing clothes, the sparrow accidentally ate the starch. “You bad sparrow! Go here and I’ll cut your tongue so you’ll learn your lesson!”, the angry woman yelled. The woman cut the poor sparrow’s tongue and sent him to the woods.

When the old man took notice that his pet was gone, and immediately searched him on the woods. “Tongue-cut sparrow, where are you now? Tongue-cut sparrow, where is your home?”, the man called him with a low voice.

“Master, here I am. Come to my new-found home and lets drink a cup of tea”, the sparrow answered delightfully.

It was growing dark when the old man decided to go home. “Master, take this present as a sign of our friendship”, the sparrow said. “Okay, but I’ll take the lighter one because I’m too old to carry a big chest”, the man replied.

Her angry wife was waiting for him out of their house. “Where have you been? What’s inside that chest?”, the wife asked. “I’ve been from my pet sparrow’s home. He gave me this present”, the man said. They opened the chest and to their amazement, the chest was full of gold, clothes made from silk, and jewels.

“You fool! You should’ve taken the larger one. It contains more gold and jewels!”, the greedy wife nagged him. She then left and went to the sparrow’s home to ask for a present.

“Sparrow, give me a present. I want the largest one. Quick!”, the woman prompted. “Please have a tea while I am preparing the large chest”, the sparrow responded. “No, I just need the larger chest”, the greedy woman replied. As she walked home, she noticed that the weight of the chest grows. “Hmmm… it must be the treasures teeming inside the chest. I’ll pause for a while and take a peek of my treasure!”.

She slowly lifted the the cover and to her surprise, out came the snakes, spiders, toads, and three-eyed monster and started to chase her. She fought for her life and managed to get to their home safely.

Her husband told her “greediness will do no good to you. You must change your ways before something bad happens to you”.

To that day, the greedy wife promised to be good and kind especially to animals and went to live happy and contented with her husband.

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