Top 7 Natural Beauty Treatments From Around The World


Natural nourishment for hair

Ancient Chinese practitioners used this method for looking after and retaining their hair. Five thousand years later, you can do the same by using ginseng root (which is available from Asian specialty shops, health stores) and steeping slices of the root in a glass teapot or Pyrex jug of boiling water for an hour. Rinse washed hair in the brew for a vitamin-rich and effective anti-aging nourishment for the hair plus a treatment against hair loss.

Natural coffee body scrub

Many Russian women use wet coffee grounds as a body scrub, making the ideal gentle exfoliant because they are not too abrasive. In addition, caffeine (when used externally) works as a natural stimulant to break down fatty deposits that lead to cellulite. Massaged into moist skin, coffee grinds will get rid of those flaky, dry layers to leave the skin softer.

Natural soother for the feet

In Bali, the local women cover the base of a large bowl with smooth stones before topping up with warm water and a few drops of jasmine oil or eucalyptus oil and some tropical flowers. They give their feet a lovely, long soak to relax the muscles, joints and tendons. While the oil is a natural pain reliever, the warmth of the water brings blood flow to the feet and the smooth stones gently massage them.

Nut oils hydration for the skin

Brazil is the source of many wonderful nuts and seeds and of course their oils. Our legs could do with some TLC especially if we shave or wax them and using a nut oil will hydrate and smooth the skin, promote healing and restore any moisture that has been lost. Warm the oil before applying directly to the skin or allow the oil to cool to a thicker consistency first.

Tea-tree oil skin cleanser

Originating from Australia, tea-tree oil is widely known for its natural healing properties. Use just a drop to dab on a pimple where its antibiotic component will go to work. Tea tree oil is a natural astringent, effective in clearing clogged pores and soothing any puffiness.

A rice mask to purify the skin

Rice is used by some Asian women to deep-cleanse their skin while getting rid of unwanted oil. They do this by soaking a cup of rice in warm water for just 30 minutes so that the starch rises to the surface. Then they make a paste by blending the water with some rice flour before applying to the skin and leaving for 10 minutes. After absorbing excess oil and exfoliating and lightening the skin, the mask is then removed with cool water.

Rose geranium skin toner

These flowers come from the floral kingdom of South Africa and are renowned for reducing inflammation and healing wounds. You can use 4 to 5 drops of rose geranium essential oil or you can make your own brew by placing some rose geranium flowers, leaves and stems in a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes, and allowing to cool before using as a toner. Alternatively, while the brew is still very hot, place a towel over your head, close your eyes and lean over the bowl to inhale the vapor for a few therapeutic minutes before rinsing your face several times with the cooled water.

Take care of your hair and skin with these seven suggestions for a younger, more nourished you.

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