Four tools of Discipline

Delaying Gratification

I have managed my time better now, with the help of a simple time sheet as we have done in our activity. I have learned to adjust my time, to put more time on my studies, and on useful activities, rather than devoting much time on personal amusement. I have also learnt that with this simple graph of my activities, I can put more attention to what task to do on a particular time.

Accepting Responsibility

I have faced a recent problem and taken responsibility, when I put too much time on leisure. As a consequence, my performance on school was so low, and I’m always on the rush because of some missed activities.

Dedication to Reality

The changes in my life that I have dealt with, when I faced the consequences of my previous acts of being a procrastinator. I have coped with the situation, by changing my ways in every manner possible.


The things I gave up in order to grow, is being self centered, always thinking of my own good. I also gave my way of dealing with activities, of leaving them behind because I think I have ample time. In these past experiences, I have gained knowledge to learn and understand my purpose, not only for myself, but also for the community.


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