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Tokay Gecko, “tuko” for sale!

I heard news about Tokay Geckos or “Tuko“. People at our community started to gather this type of lizard. A local buyer once said, that a “tuko” could sell as much as Php 1,500 pesos.

On our conversation, the person said that it is expensive is because it is being sold at foreign companies incorporating them into medicines, but he was not sure about what medicine was that. I tried to search further details on the internet and i quoted one from Malaysian Life:

Tokay geckos are in high demand by the traditional medicine industry abroad as it is believed that the reptile’s tongue can cure AIDS. Some believe that its meat is also an aphrodisiac while its blood and bile suppresses tumors in cancer patients.

Despite the on going rumors of the medicinal cures of the gecko, Augustine Tuuga, the deputy director of Sabah Wildlife Department, was quoted in one news report saying that there is currently no scientific evidence to verify the claims.

The Malaysian Life

I really don’t know the future for Tokay Geckos. But one thing for sure, its a lucrative business today. Although, I heard DENR now imposes a clearance on this.

Update: Ichsan from Indonesia buys Tokay at a whooping price. Here’s a quote from his website:

We are Indonesian gecko buyer wants to have a professional transaction with you, we buy tokay geckos with the criterias as below :

1. tokay geckos species/gekko gecko species.
2. in good health.
3. not wounded and has complete body parts.
4. the head of the gecko is wider and bigger than the size of the stomach.
5. tokay is naturally fed.
6. sensitive and responsive.
7. achieve the minimum weights.
8. has the shape of a house lizard with red, green, white, purple spot
9. can stick to wall, wooden, or glass surface.
10. no black magic.

min 300 gram Rp. 2,000,000,000/pce or 220,000 USD/pce minimum 15 pcs/package *
330-349 gram Rp. 2,500,000,000/pce or 280,000 USD/pce minimum 8 pcs/package.
350-379 gram Rp. 4,000,000,000/pce or 450,000 USD/pce minimum 4 pcs/package.

380-399 gram Rp 15,000,000,000/pce or 1,700,000 USD/pce
400-499 gram Rp. 100,000,000,000/100gr or 11,000,000 USD/100 gram
500-599 gram Rp. 110,000,000,000 or 12,000,000 USD/100 gram
600-699 gram Rp. 120,000,000,000 or 13,000,000 USD/100 gram
700-799 gram Rp. 130,000,000,000 or 14,000,000 USD/100 gram
800-899 gram Rp. 140,000,000,000 or 15,000,000 USD/100 gram
900-999 gram Rp. 150,000,000,000 or 16,000,000 USD/100 gram
1000 gram up Rp.325,000,000,000 or 37,000,000 USD/100 gram
*net price
* all payment is in Indonesian rupiah but converted to USD for overseas payment, the usd value is an approximate depending on Indonesian currency rate.
* bonus for 300 gram (15 tails) is 1 time of the amount of booking fee only, but for others are 10 times of the amount of booking fee.

You can contact him at these correspondence:

Name: Ichsan
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +6281319518787 or +6285255966267
Blackberry PIN: 3098B63E
Address: K27/20 Graha Indira, Citra Raya, Cikupa, Tangerang, Indonesia

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