Time Travel

Basing on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and on scientific studies, time travel is possible but is simply impractical in today’s technological advancement.

Eversince I’m a kid, I am fascinated about topics on time warp and time travel. How I wish I could go back in time where the world is in the brink of creation, or visit the time when my deceased loved ones are still living. It’s just bad that time travel can’t and won’t work on our civilization right now. As J. Richard Gott said “This is a project that a super civilization might attempt.”

However, scientists have found out that time warping occurs in our daily lives. They have found out that Einstein’s theory on time dilation (stretching of time produced by relativity) can be simulated. Using Einstein’s twin paradox, scientists conducted experiments with atomic clocks; one clock was raised 1 foot from the ground and the other on the ground. In their conclusion, the lower clock ran slower. In the later part of experiment, they applied an electric field to one clock, and the other clock at rest. The result was the moving clock ran slower than that of the stationary clock! They are now implicating if frequent flyers are aging less or more with every flight 😛

Another thing about time warping is the “Schrödinger’s cat” paradox. This theory defines that time (the fourth dimension) is parallel universe – meaning that simultaneously, a living entity such as you reading this article, exist but have different function on the parallel universe.

Now, assuming we have this time travel machine. Still, scientists claim that you can’t change events of the past. You can interact with people as you wish, but you cannot harm someone nor do something that could alter the future. This is where the “Grandfather” paradox sets in. Plus, considering the existence of parallel universe, you won’t exactly know what time line you are interfering with.

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