This is “The End of My Imperfection” Chapter 1

Last night, I was cleaning my drawer and found some papers with some malign words written on it. It was my story ‘bout a girl I met during my college years.. I hope you will love it.

Chapter I
(a narrative of an imperfect affection)

Darkness slowly creeps in like a thief in the night. The sun was lazily drawn beneath the awaiting haven of the west bosom reflecting the different shades of gloomy shadows. I stared at it with a desperate yearning of which I cannot fathom until an invisible force pulled it down and finally vanished out of my sight. The sighing of wind blows cold and whispers to my silent ears reminding me how utterly alone I am sitting on the park bench. This is my place. The venue of my sagacity a long time ago but now I’m a stranger with the weight of the world on my shoulder. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I can hear the murmuring of insects. I knew then it’s another painful beginning of a dark, sleepless, miserable night laying in anguish.

A sudden harrowing pain seized my heart ‘till I felt numb as a snow in the melancholic winter. Alas! If only I am the sun! I will fell no loneliness, no pain, nor envy, and not even a twinge of hatred. For I am the king of the endless sky – everyone exist because of me! I can almost imagine the joyful clouds dancing to my tune and the boastful clouds too scared to even threaten me. I can shine so brightly or be selfish of my light and warmth whoever I desire and no one will dare to blame or hate me. I control the living for without me they all perish. I am the sun, there will be no darkness and the mourning souls that creep in the middle of night will never shed another precious drop of tears.

My heart inside my chest bleeds in despair and frustrations, for I am nothing but a mere human with foolish impossible dream.

to be continued…

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