This is “The End of My Imperfection” Chapter 1 (continuation)

…continuation of Chapter 1.

For a moment, I closed my eyes to fight the treacherous tears from falling. I felt so wounded, lost, and wasted.

I must be dreaming for I felt a warm sweet-scented, gentle caress on my face. I let it lingered. It felt so warm and it burned the dying embers of my heart. It brought uncontrollable shivers down my spine. I thought it must be the falling leaves but when I opened my eyes, I was far too wrong.  What I saw was the hand of a beautiful woman.  She has the face of an angel .Her face belongs to Aphrodite. I thought she was an illusion but I was wrong. She was warmth in flesh and gazed at me in wonder with those soulful eyes.

She is a masterpiece of beauty. Her face haunted my dreams for so long and her smiles made my heart sing once more. I wish I am the morning dew that kisses her red-rose lips every dawn breaks. I want to wrap myself in her dark raven hair and forget past confusions.

I beg the Almighty to make her mine. Her existence is the essence of my existence.

The first drop of rain awakened my senses. She held my hand and together we ran – carefree and light hearten as children. It was the beginning of a wonderful life for us both… of golden days of loving and giving each other a reason to live. We cherish every single day like it was our last.

We danced under the luminescence of the silver moon surrounded by the twinkling stars. Every moment was perfect as eternity. The tenderness of her hands, the sweetness of her caress, the music in her lips, the scent of her perfume, the magic in her smiles, her comforting thoughts, and her face… of which I have no words left to described – it all defined eternity.

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