The 135K Project

The Internet was meant to be a tool to connect us. It was meant to break down borders and liberate. Now we have an entire generation who are being labelled criminals for using that tool. But perhaps rather than wasting millions of dollars fighting a losing battle against internet piracy, we should try and find a way to embrace the possibilities that this new world brings…

That’s the thought that inspired the 135K project.

The 135K Project was realized to cater the online community, who prefers to download and watch movies. With the issues of the piracy and the war against torrent related activities, they started a movie called “The Tunnel“, and they are selling the individual movie frames to raise funds for the upcoming movie projects.

I downloaded the movie thru bittorrent service, and I may say it was fantastic. I realized that 135K Project was successful in their strategy, of utilizing the internet, to spread their creation – for free.

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