The proven treatment for tropical skin diseases

Sometimes even if we are very rigid in skin care, there will be times we are compromised and contract skin disorders. Skin problems can be brought about by fungal, bacterial and/or by chemicals. The common in the tropics are ringworm, eczema, dermatitis, pimples, furunculosis, an-an, boils and athletes foot.

I for one was a victim of this, and perhaps I can call it already a syndrome :d. I had furuncles, boils, dermatitis, pimples and athletes foot. No matter how “clean”, I was still under attack and was always mocked upon that I have AIDS or something degenerative going on my system undetected (as I hate paying a visit to the physician he he). But in the end I had to go for a checkup, and was later revealed that opportunistic infection are on me. Maybe it was due to the stress when I was in college, going through a series of changes in schedules and so many challenges to cope up with. I was given Vitamin C for resistance and Vitamin E for the skin. Some antibiotics and medications were also prescribed.

With this it was a routine – whenever I have these skin problems I just buy those medications. Then i realized, I’m just making the germs resistant and making my liver weak. So I decided to just maintain the Vitamin C and E and find some alternative to the infections I’m having.

I use Bioderm antibacterial / antifungal cream for my pimples, and the last time I bought a 30ml tube packaging. There was an insert, so I decided to read it. Interesting enough, most of the skin disease I experience are listed. So I tried applying some and guess what, it prompted recovery. I also suggested this ointment to Barley, a close friend, for he is experiencing itchiness whenever he use detergents. He reported relief from the itch and pain after application, as the ointment has menthol content and allantoin that promoted skin recovery. Goodbye to boils, furunculosis, dermatitis and pimples. :p

Note: Its better to consult your dermatologist as this is just a self-medication regime 🙂

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