The Original Creation

In the beginning, there was a void. Bathala, the Supreme God, from the ethereal space just above the floating waters, noticed that somehow, it is better to put something in unison so universe would have its purpose.

One day, while hovering the vastness, Bathala decided to create Earth as a stop whenever he is tired. He amassed the waters, and situates it on the Earth to balance the aridity. He felt happy on the result of his creation. The following day, he noticed that the Earth and the waters eventually dried up because of everlasting daylight. He made night so that Earth will have the time to restore itself.

The following morning, He observed that the waters and the earth were so dull, lifeless. He made all sorts of creatures to fill the waters and earth; He felt joy. He then decided to make demigods; Bahaghari to color the skies, and Kim to rule the Perfectlandia.

One day, while resting at a guava tree, Kim thought of an evil plan against Bathala. He wants to take over his creation, and to rule the entire ethereal space. Later that night, while Bathala was sleeping, Kim beheaded and chopped his body. But being the perfect being, Bathala was transformed into a heritage; his chopped body was changed into what to be later known as the human being, on his own likeness and image. His head became the moon, and through his mystical powers, gobbled Kim and kept as his eternal prisoner.

When one look at the sky on a full moon, there lays an image that resembles a man striving to get out of a circle cage, and that reminds me of Kim that has betrayed his own Creator but had never succeeded on its intention to outcast the latter.

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