This is “The End of My Imperfection” Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A year after the death of Macy Louie, my mind was tortured by memories of her and my treacherous heart cried for jealousy. The face of the lady I met in the park still dwells in my the back of my mind. I thought I hold her soft hands and put a kiss on her lips but it was all a dream. A dream within a dream.

I was walking alone in the dark cold night of November. Alone. Ahead was the smooth flood of water below the purple hills. I can sense the sadness of the scenery as the leaves kept from fallen. The wind blows sharply as went nearer to the river.

I walked towards the water; on my left, the lower edge of the meadow; on my right, the Gothic faces of the trees whispering old songs of sorrows. I couldn’t felt the coldness of the water perhaps whiskeys and beers put numbness to my tired feet. I’m tired of life and exhausted with its playful tricks. Death took Macy Louie and life brought this mysterious lady in the park. I’m not sure if I have to move on and face life like a dead poet or end this remorseful life and let the goblins of hell cuddle my soul.

Death seems to be my truthful friend. It has no conditions or silly compliments, it just take you to the unknown black clouds where the ravens fly and the fallen angels sing their malign hymns.

Life on the other hand, promised perfection in an imperfect world. Hope, faith, and art gave the sense of life’s existence. Hope cures the dreary hearts, faith answers the doubtful souls, and art quenches the thirst of mind’s desire.

I took a last look to the water that surrounds me and it never changed smooth and cold like death. And I let it play in my mind – I’m thinking of taking a plunge and let the current carry my body to the Embang Falls where it would be crashed though the depths of sharp rocks. I’m so confused and nobody can make me understand.

Suddenly, she came to my mind. I’m thinking of taking the chance to dance with her and steal her heart with my perfected love. She can be my hope, faith, and art. Life with the lady in the park would be different, I will never let death steal her life.She will be forever live in this universe of mine. I look up the sky and there’s the faded lesser luminary. I took a deep breath and feel the essence of my insanity.

Above me is the North star – the only star that doesn’t move and shined that unforgettable evening. Happiness at last. It’s a guide, my inspiration, hopes and longings. I found it – the love I’ve been searching for all of my life.

I will give an imperfect love to Macy Louie and hoping to reach love’s perfection with the lady in the park. I’m tired of walking and dreaming.

The next morning, I started my search for that mysterious lady in the park. I need her help and she’s the only one that can save me…

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