“The End is Near!” What do you think?

I’m really confused of religion, creation and the occult. The theory that we were created and there’s one great creator who’s looking at us from the unknown distant cosmic realm really bothers me.

When I rode a bus on my way home this afternoon, a preacher from a known religious sect told us, the sleepy passengers, that the apocalyptic end is near because the prophecies in the Holy Scriptures are happening right now. Earthquakes in New Zealand, flood in Queensland, landslide in Mexico, riots in the Middle East, a friend that committed suicide, the recent turmoil in the Arab countries, and the Magnitude 8.9 earthquake coupled with gigantic Tsunami on Japan just recently are signs of the Great Tribulation. Simply reminding us, the so-called sinners, that day is coming to an end and we are all going to perish. The preacher on the bus caught my attention!

The expression on his face, his dark eyes, and husky voice sounds like Freddy from the Elm Street. I think he was the Reaper that took human form and scare people to give donation to their association. No offense intended but he really scared me!

I was just thinking that if tomorrow will be the end of the world then it’s gonna be the end then. This internet connection will stop, I will hear no music, no TV, no movie, no magazines, no poetry, nothing, nada.

I tried to analyze my situation, our situation, and I came up with this conclusion:

Man is confronted with unpredictable instances and unexplainable events. Our knowledge, science and arts, and wisdom fail to meet the challenge of reality. To provide reduction of uncertainty, we turn ourselves to creation or religion by suggesting explanations with certain phenomena. Like death for example, religion promised an afterlife that there’s something good after we die. Bottom line is – it’s all about faith. Faith can eliminate uncertainty and gradually the anxiety.

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