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Stress and Relaxation

“Relaxation is key to combating stress”

Stress and anxiety are a part of life and something that we all experience from time to time. For some people however levels of stress can be very high and be brought on by many different influences often preventing them from enjoying many activities or even coping with daily tasks in everyday life.

It is said that one way to help relieve everyday stress and to stay healthy and happy is to learn how to relax completely. Relaxation should be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle to stay fit, healthy and able to deal with the demands of modern living.
Herbal Remedies Can Help

During episodes of stress and anxiety, the body undergoes some biological changes. The symptoms may include headaches, irritable bowels, stomach upsets, shaking and tremors, inappropriate or uncharacteristic personality traits, which are not normally seen in the individual.

Many of the herbal preparations available over the counter claim to soothe some of these symptoms. Conventional medicine also recognizes the potential benefits of these products and many prescription medications are actually derived from plant extracts and herbal therapies. Chamomile teas are well documented for having a positive effect on stress, as is lavender used as a relaxant, often before bedtime or as an additive to bath water.

There are many different types of herbal therapies that claim to have a positive effect on stress. These can be taken in tablet form, infused in drinks such as tea, as scented candles, aromatherapy oils or even as powders and ointments, so there will be a suitable method of receiving the benefits of fruits and herbs for everyone. One easy way of using herbal remedies for relaxation and stress is in a warm bath.

woman relaxing in the bath Relaxing Water Therapy

Everyone knows how taking a hot bath can totally relax the body and mind. The soothing properties of a warm bath can be maximized by the addition of sea salts, essential oils or herbs to provide further therapeutic benefits while you soak.

To make the most of your relaxing herbal bath

Plan out your time so that you create some quality ‘me’ time. The best time for most of us is just before retiring in the evening. But never take a full body bath within two hours after meals.

Add your favorite natural additive to the running water such as bath oil, sea salts or a herbal bath blend

Water temperature is important, don’t start with an extreme, increase or decrease the water temperature gradually as needed.

Make sure the room temperature is comfortable with good ventilation, but no droughts.

Atmosphere is also important if you are taking a long, warm, relaxing bath, play some soothing music and light some candles.

Most importantly LOCK THE DOOR so that you can’t be disturbed!

Complete rest after a herbal body bath is very important as this will add to its beneficial results. If you are not bathing before bed, then try to lie down for at least an hour, preferably longer, immediately after your bath and keep yourself covered.

Herbal Relaxation from Celtic Herbal Company

At Celtic Herbal we are firm believers in the health benefits of herbs and essential oils and in particular through water therapy and offer you a choice of three relaxing products to ease away the stresses of the day:-

selection of bath products

Bath Salts with Lavender – Sea salt is a fabulous cleanser which thoroughly cleans pores and is used extensively to aid detoxification. Dermatologists also recommend Sea Salt baths for patients with psoriasis, eczema and other dry skin conditions. We have added Lavender to our sea salt as it is one of the most widely used essential oils in aromatherapy. Lavender has hundreds of uses but it is used here for its relaxing and soothing properties.

Relaxing Bath Oil – Relax and soak away the day in this glorious blend of essential oils. Bergamot has a delightful, uplifting scent which is a powerful anti-depressant and nerve sedative, Geranium, a relaxing warming oil which balances the skin and can relieve fluid retention and finally Patchouli a musky, sweet, sensual oil which is a renowned aphrodisiac. These oils are blended with pure vegetable oils and a dispersant which ensures the oils are absorbed easily leaving your skin beautifully moisturized.

Relaxing Bath Blend – We have created a blend of organic herbs held in a large tea bag that helps soothe away the strains of modern life. We’ve taken lavender, chamomile, rose petals, lemon balm and marigold for their calming and relaxing qualities and added green tea for its antioxidant properties, to create a wonderfully fragrant and relaxing bathing experience. Simply pop one in the bath for a wonderfully relaxing fragrant bath.

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