Stewards of God’s Creation: What is happening?

“In contemplation of created things, by steps we may ascend to God”. – John Milton

“In the beginning, God created the universe,” as the Bible says. Everywhere we look, we see evidences that the universe was designed and created by God. Who put the waves upon the ocean? Where did the air which enters our lungs come from? Why are there clouds in the sky?

There are a great many things concerning our planet, Earth, which we do not understand, but one thing is clear, God created it!

The book of wisdom always instructs us to observe and learn from little things which surround us. They may seem insignificant for us, but they convey a lesson for those wise enough to learn it. Consider, for instance, the way birds raise a family. They build a nest for their babies, supply them with food and even remove and carry the droppings away from the nest. Thus, they never soil their nest.

Can you see the moral that these little birds are imparting to us? If so, you are now starting to understand your role in protecting and preserving our environment. Indeed, it is our purpose and ultimate role to protect and preserve this planet and all the created things on it, as the steward of God’s creation.

The Supreme Father gave us a very vital role on this created Earth, which is to rule over all it (Gen.1:26). Now, how do we act in the realization of this role? Estrelita A. Madriaga, an author, said that most of the environmental problems besetting our world today are brought about by the combined effect of all human interferences in the natural processes of ecosystem functioning. Through the course of time, man has learned and begun to use his environment for his own benefit and advantage, and act more and more independently on these natural processes. And in almost all of the activities of man our environment is always at the losing end, from population growth and advances in technology that has caused environmental problems.

Indeed, water, air and land are natural resources necessary to sustain life on this planet. The existence of life depends on the delicate balance of the earth’s limited resources itself. Because of the life processes of all living things in this planet, the precise balance of the natural cycles can be altered. Of all the planet’s inhabitants, man has been proven to the most capable of disrupting the balance of nature. The rapid and large changes he exerts place heavy pressure on the environment. Always been a polluter and until recently, he has persistently polluted the water, air, and land.

These environmental problems are so serious that the Philippines was described recently as a nation bent on committing ecological suicide in the observance of International Earth Day.

Unless we never deeply reflect on our purpose, here on earth, realize our role, we can never save this earth and ourselves from total annihilation – entire destruction which we, ourselves, created.

We must act together and intensively play our role as stewards of God’s creation. As what Rev. Jesse Jackson acclaimed, “We found our house – the planet – with drinkable water, with good soil to grow food, with clean air to breath. We at least, must leave it in as good shape as we found it, if not better”.

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