And so SSL is not so secure…


Heartbleed“, a security bug affecting SSL was discovered recently and is quite having a big news in the Internet industry. SSL is the technology behind the “https” protocol, encrypting the link between the server and the client. Basically, hackers used this bug to access vital information that was supposed to be encrypted, such as e-mails, passwords, credit card details or anything that people send over websites.

Most websites that use SSL technology are already aware of and deals with the problem seriously. You can check if a website is safe by using, and continue changing your password at once. It should be noted that it must be deemed safe first, as it may make no sense changing a password if the website is still vulnerable to Heartbleed. Here is the Mashable Heartbleed Hit List so you will know what sites are affected and if you have an account with them do the necessary password changes.

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