How to even out your skin tone

There are many available skin products that can help even out a skin tone.

The skin is the largest and most exposed part of our body. It’s prone to all sorts of exposure. The most common cause why we have an uneven skin tone or skin discoloration is due to sun exposure. Other causes include, a hormonal imbalance, birth control and pregnancy.Skin discoloration or imperfections can appear as sunspots also known as brown spots, freckles, blemishes and red blotchy areas. To hep you get a stunning, even skin tone, a proper skin care regimen includes products that exfoliate, moisturize and protect your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

First step is Exfoliation.

Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface and has been effectively used for many years to help maintain good skin.

Exfoliation is achieved through either mechanical or chemical means. One of the cheapest and most commonly used method for exfoliation is called manual scrubbing with the use of exfoliating scrubs. It contains granules like apricot kernel or almond shells, sugar or salt crystals, and abrasive materials such as sponges, loofahs, brushes, and simply fingernails that are used to gently scrub the skin to remove dead skin layers without the affecting healthy skin cells. Facial scrubs are available in over-the-counter products for application by the user. Enzyme or chemical exfoliation are often used for more sensitive or acne-prone skin, as manual exfoliation can sometimes cause sensitive skin to become red and sore. This can also be done by a a medical professional, or in lower concentrations in over-the-counter products.
The greatest disadvantage to exfoliation is the high price of some of the products and expensive methods used to achieve it.

Second step is Moisturize.

Moisturizing the skin is a very essential process into achieving a beautiful, even skin tone.

Dry skin appears dull and flaky and can sometimes cause itchiness and red, blotchy patches. A good moisturizer seals in moisture and nutrients, rehydrates and conditions your skin. It is very important to choose a moisturizer that is high in Vitamins A, C and E as they are very strong antioxidants that helps promote younger-looking skin. If you are going to stay outdoors for a long time, make sure to use a sunblock high in SPF that blocks the harmful rays of the sun as to avoid any further skin discoloration. Drinking a lot of water and having a proper diet of fruits and vegetables is also a healthy way in getting your skin moisturize from the inside.

Use a skin lightener

If you have noticed there are darker areas of our body. Most common parts are the arms, elbows and knees and feet as well as they exposed to the sun most often. Use of bleaching creams around this area can help lighten and even out the skin tone. They help fade away dark spots or skin discoloration. Bleaching creams should only be applied to the dark spots.Make sure to top it off with a sunscreen lotion or cream.

Bleaching creams or skin lighteners may contain harmful chemicals which can be harmful or trigger allergic reactions to sensitive skin. Discontinue use if the desired result has been achieved.

Apply Make Up

Applying a good make up coverage can temporarily help even out a skin tone. Choosing the right foundation for your skin type and tone is the key. It can cover blemishes and imperfections and will help you get that flawless look. Make sure to test the foundation on your face before purchasing to make sure it is the right shade for you. Do not test it on your wrist or hands, as the skin tone of the hands is not always identical to that of the face. For acne-prone skin, choose a foundation that’s oil-free and non-comedogenic as there are foundations that can clog pores and create skin breakouts.

A healthy lifestyle, proper hygiene and a positive mind always create a glowing, youthful look no matter what you looks like.

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