How to setup xmrig pool mining on Windows

This article will show you how to install and run xmrig and setup pool mining of cryptonote-based coin on Windows in no time.


Mining Pool

Cryptocurrency Supported

* Using “cryptonight” mode

  • Monero
  • Electroneum
  • Intensecoin
  • Sumokoin
  • Bytecoin

* Using “cryptonight-light” mode

  • Aeon

Please note that this is not an endorsement nor a complete list.

Installation Steps

1. Download the xmrig binary:


CUDA8 64bit
CUDA9 64bit


2. Extract and edit config.json (other settings leave as-is):

“url”: “mining_pool“,
“user”: “email_or_wallet“,

You can enable nicehash if it is supported.

3. Click and run start.cmd

Note: In the event you want to change the pool address and wallet address, just edit config.json and edit the corresponding field. Save and relaunch start.cmd to activate changes.

You can check your earnings on your selected mining pool website.

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