How to setup Shadowsocks + Shadowsocks Panel + Shadowsocks Manyuser in VPS

Shadowsocks is now a trend in Philippines for getting free internet using a globe or tm network sim. In this tutorial i’ll teach you how to setup your own shadowsocks server, and web panel script called shadowsocks panel, and the engine for accepting users and nodes, script called shadowsocks manyuser. By using this tutorial you only not know how to setup, but also fine tune and possibly sell out as a service to resellers. It currently has a 99% success rate, this original code is opensourced by chinese developer by the nickname “sendya“. Its better than SSLand (another minimalistic web panel for shadowsocks), and there is already several pull requests and forks for this particular github code.

Please take note that this is for educational purposes only, i am not responsible for any anti-cybercrime law that you may violate.


1. VPS account, preferably Vultr (please signup under my link)
2. My prepared tutorial + english shadowsocks panel (you need to do action before you can see download link)


If you are lazy enough, or want to try shadowsocks as free internet, you can also contact to just buy a voucher from him.

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