Send flowers to your loved ones with FloraQueen

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FloraQueen is an online flower delivery company based in Miami Florida, and operates in five other locations in Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Poland with over 9 years of experience in flower arrangements and delivery. They offer high quality, professionally crafted bouquets by their resident florists and also accept custom-made arrangements to suit the taste of its clients. They are the cheapest and best floral service around focusing on customer satisfaction, guaranteeing that the flowers are of highest quality, shipped fresh and always delivered on time.

They offer same day flower deliveries on over one hundred countries, with an option for customers to set the delivery hours, complete with international customer service support for tracking orders. Best of all, there is no minimum price on any fresh flower ordered.

Send flowers to your loved ones! FloraQueen offers the following flower packages:
• Birthday
• Summer Flowers
• Best Sellers
• VIP Flowers
• Anniversaries

One can also check their website, for the wide-ranging catalogue of fresh flowers offered.

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