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How to make RTSP work with Firefox


RTSP, or Real Time Streaming Protocol, is a standard for the management of streaming data over the internet. It was primarily a project of Columbia University, RealNetworks (the maker of RealPlayer) and NetScape Communications.

Years back, this format is considered the standard for making streaming videos available on the world wide web. Now, it is somewhat less used but is popular among mobile devices. Youtube, for example uses RTSP format in streaming its videos on mobile phones.

Back to the topic. Now you have this RTSP link and you want to play it. On Firefox, it will generate an error if you click the RTSP link. So to fix that, I made this simple tutorial.

Step 1. Download RealPlayer and install. You may want to click the advanced settings and uncheck some options there, to minimize conflict with your current video player.

Step 2. On your Mozilla Firefox address bar, type this


click the “I’ll be careful, promise!” to continue.

Step 3. Right-click anywhere that window and select “New” > “String” and type this

and enter

C:Program FilesRealRealPlayerrealplay

Note: the installation path may vary, please check your own installation path.

Now, everytime you encounter an RTSP link, Firefox will automatically call RealPlayer and load the video file.

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