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A selective anti-exudative and anti-inflammatory agent.

1 dragee contains 20mg amourphous aescin.

The action of Reparil-Dragees:
Aescin, the active principle of horse chestnut in pure form, has antiexudative, anti-inflammatory and anti-oedema effects at the site of the lesion. It quickly relieves symptoms caused by localised swelling (sensations of pressure, pain, etc.) without adverse effects on mineral metabolism or the blood-forming system.

When to take Reparil-Dragees:
Varicosis; leg ulcers; haemorrhoids; thrombophlebitis; traumatic swellings (injuries); post-concussional headache; tenosynovitis; painful lesions of the vertebral column.

How to take Reparil-Dragees:
Treatment should be commenced with 2 dragees 3 times daily, taken with fluid after meals. In milder cases and as a maintenance dose 1 dragee should be taken 3 times daily.

Dosage for children:
1 dragee 2 – 3 times daily taken with fluid after meals.

Pre-existing renal damage; renal failure; renal insufficiency; Rhesus incompatibility in pregnancy.

Although animal experiments with aescin ave shown no evidence of teratogenic action, in conformity with general medical considerations Reparil should not be given during the first three months of pregnancy.

Prescription packs of 40 and 100 dragees

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