Ramgen Revilla and Janelle Manahan Sex scandal

Just the past few days, a sex video spread like wildfire on the internet, and was even posted on YouTube. It was the late Ramgen Revilla making love with her girlfriend, Janelle Manahan on the bathroom.

Janelle’s lawyer Argee Guevarra accused the Bautistas for uploading the sex video, because only the Bautista household had access to the computers of Ramgen after his death.

According to her lawyer, Manahan “confirms” she is the woman in the sex video.

Atty. Gueverra alleged that one of the younger siblings of Revilla had been blackmailing Janelle through Facebook messages. She was told “you are not clean ate Janelle”.

Meanwhile, Senator Bong Revilla, Ramgen’s half-brother, is asking the authorities to help identify and prosecute the persons behind the uploading of the video.

“Sobrang pambababoy ang ginagawa nila sa kapatid ko. Karumal-dumal na nga ang pagkamatay ni Ramgen, sinisira pa nila ang pagkatao,” Revilla said in a statement.

“Mas grabe pa ang pambababoy na ginagawa nila kay Janelle. Grabe na ang kanyang pinagdaanan, at pilit pa nilang niyuyurakan ang pagkababae nito ngayon,” he added.

Revilla asked the National Bureau of Investigation to arrest the culprits and prosecute them under the Anti-Voyeurism Law of 2009 (RA 9995), which punishes the unauthorized and unconsented publication and uploading of videos. Senator Revilla is a co-author of the law.

The senator said every person who downloads, copies and sends the video is guilty of violating the law, regardless if they were the original uploaders.

See the full article on Pilipino Star Ngayon and ABS-CBN News

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