Promote to over 10 million customers around the globe

Increase search engine rank
Increase your website search engine rankings
Showing up your website on search engines is just one of the ways to increase website traffic and expose your products and services to people all over the world. The most commonly used search engine is Google, and you can tap to its Webmaster Tools to enable your website presence on its search results. You can also easily add your website links to their Add URL facility (requires no login).

Advertise to over 10 million individualsAdvertise to over 10 million customers across the globe.
Advertise your website not only on Google Search, but also to other websites that publish Google AdSense advertisements. You will be able to advertise your website almost anywhere by joining in the Google AdWords program. Google AdWords gives you innovative promotion strategies that makes your company succeed on the Internet.

Get More ShoppersGet More Visitors, Get More Revenue!!!
You can’t monetize your website if you dont have a constant stream of users flocking in your website. With LiqAd, you can increase your revenue by receiving thousands of real targeted customers to see your website, all for free.

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