Pittsburgh International Airport Parking

Pittsburgh International Airport offers multiple parking lots with hourly and daily rates. During the peak travel season, the rates just rise rapidly that you have to book yourself for a parking while the airport parking is not yet full.

If you are intend to go out the country, and are searching for a great off-airport parking, I am sure you will love the unparalleled service of Air Marino Airport Parking. It’s the newest and the least expensive off-airport parking near Pittsburgh International Airport. If you intend to return within 24 hours, you can avail short-term parking and is very convenient for drop-off and picking up passengers. If you are for a longer stay abroad, you can get long-term parking so you can save on the parking rates. Either of these, you get free shuttle service, luggage assistance, free checkup of your car in case of startup problems, and  Air Marino Airport Parking honor competitor coupons.

And for some travel tips:

Give ample time for your check-in. Even though you have reserved your parking space, check-in can be hassle when it’s on peak period (5am to 8:30am and 3pm to 5pm). It would be also necessary to check up to date traffic reports before proceeding to the airport.

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