Philippines’ Black Tuesday initiative by Anonymous Philippines opposing the Philippine Cyber Crime Law

Just opened my FB account and saw a friend’s timeline with these poster

I followed the link and I was redirected to the “We Support Anonymous Philippines” Facebook Fan page. It is only then I have known about the initiative of the online masses to gather and oppose the newly enacted Cyber Crime law of the Philippines. I have also seen that they are actively defacing some Philippine Government websites in the effort to make [the Government] feel that the enacted law is very oppresing to the people of the Philippines using technology and social media — that even a simple “like” could send these innocent people to jail for up to 12 years. Even a Senator questions this newly passed law as it is very vague and broad scoping in nature.

Some of the websites that are defaced have this at the page

If you are interested and want to know more about the Black Tuesday initiative, go to Anonymous Philippines Page from here: We Support Anonymous Philippines

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