The Biggest Loser

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My friend is one of the poor souls in this cruel world. He is unemployed, flanked the Nursing Board Exam, and lost his girlfriend. They had a 5 year-relationship full of wonderful memories and it came to an end. Anutrof went away with another guy and she left a letter to my friend, Magnus, saying she better get his life going. Magnus is stuck in the moment of depression and he can’t get out of it. It’s like quicksand.

Anyway, he requested me to write a poem for Anutrof as some sort of reply. Here it is:

Chorus for Anutrof
Song of love devoted to Magnus’ universe

You are this universe
and this universe is you.
All is in motion and growing
this dancing of language is you.

You are the luminescence
in Helios’ birth at dawn.
All are singing with the wind-
So marvelous! So beautiful!

You are from heavens
in the isle of the Blessed.
How did you come here?
In my mere existence.

Oh, Goddess of Beauty!
End this misery within me.
I cannot move nor speak
inside your loveliness.

You have the symphony of me
that love song written in your eyes.
Sing to me the song of your heart
for I have no life but this – my universe.

Oh, My Aphrodite!
I envy the man behind your eyes.
How could I shatter my selflessness?
I have no life than this – nothing else.

You are the northern raven
that brought stillness to my heart.
Numbness upon my soul
deadened my poem – my universe.