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How to order a GCash Mastercard ATM (2019)

GCash has evolved from a simple custom ATM card to a multi-purpose Bills Payment with Mastercard Debit card functionality. Now, it also offers Investment, Insurance, and Savings products.

Most of the features can be used instantly, but some needs that your GCash to be verified. Its very simple, if you want to get verified, please proceed to the GCash App, go to the menu, and click your verification status, and follow the steps to get verified.

For this matter, the GCash Mastercard is only available to verified GCash users. So you need to verify your Gcash account first.

After you successfuly verified, just go to the Order a GCash Mastercard page. The cost of ATM is 150 with free delivery. That’s it!

Note: If possible, you can also just go to any Globe Hub nearest you. That way, you can verify your account on-site, as well as order a GCash Mastercard ATM card.

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