NYC Parking Garage

Heading to dine with your girlfriend on a restaurant in Broadway? Your night can be a disaster if you have not arranged for a valet or self-park space at a New York parking garage. It’s wise to research for a parking garage in New York that would be near your desired destination, and to know the fees of such parking garage.

The strict parking rules on the streets of New York City are a burden to car owners, and it almost forces everyone to use parking garage, which are very expensive. Usually, parking spaces that are close to landmarks and tourist attractions charge a bit higher than those a few blocks away the busy streets of New York. With these facts, the question is how you can select the best yet affordable parking garage facility.

Oftentimes, you will encounter cheap rate parking garage facility. But doubt it, as it is just a marketing strategy to lure you onto their trap. Read the signs carefully, and check the time and the rate as sometimes the real conditions and terms are printed on a smaller typeface. You can use a map service to help you find a parking facility close to your destination. Once you found a suitable facility to park your car, remember to not leave any important belongings as the facility can’t cover any lost valuables. Discuss with the attendant anything like scratches or bumps in your car must be avoided so you can be sure that it is well taken care of while you’re enjoying your night.

To start your research on best parking garages, you can try Parking Garage, a parking facility near Broadway. It is located at 204 W 79th St, New York, NY.

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