NYC Airport Parking

Your friend from California had taken a vacation leave and wants to stay with you on New York to catch up with the old times. She called you to fetch her at the airport and she wants to go shopping and explore the city before going to your place. The first thing that you have to do is to find a perfect parking service for your car once you go to the terminal.

At Avistar JFK Airport Parking, you get a complete line of valet service and the complementary shuttle service to and from the airport terminal. Your friend dont have to mind about the luggage as it is handled for her. Avistar JFK Airport Parking is located just minutes from the terminal, with a safe and secure parking lot.

While at home or at the office, you can conveniently make a reservation online which cost $13.60 per day. In the event you have some last minute changes with the plane arrival of your friend, you can easily ask for a revalidation or cancellation of your parking reservation. You don’t have to waste your time searching for a good parking space at the airport anymore. Just visit Avistar JFK Airport Parking and make the reunion with your friend hassle-free as possible.

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