A Novel in Focus: The Secret Garden

This is an old novel published in 1911 and its beauty surpassed time as society changes in different ways. It’s a classic story written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, a mother who suffered from poverty, depression caused by lost of a child and unsuccessful marriage life.

In this novel, the author displayed how children’s hope and love overcome the life adversity and horrible surprises. It’s a wonderful story that uplifts the weary hearts. Mary and her sickly cousin Colin are the main characters of the The Secret Garden. Two sad kids, friendless, miserable, and isolated, holed up in a gloomy old house in England. But everything changes when they discover a locked-up garden, which captures their imaginations.

As plants sprout from the earth, Mary and Colin’s sour personalities begin to sweeten. The Secret Garden is for anyone who has ever felt afraid to live and love. Surely, it’s a great book to and nice movie.

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