A Novel in Focus: The Poet

This is my favorite crime-thriller of all time – The Poet by Michael Connelly. With its nail-biting suspense and remarkable characterization, you can’t ask for anything else.

Michael Connelly is the best crime-thriller writer ever. He is obviously intelligent in creating characters and a story. I mean he can create a world that can scare you to death.  His plots are unpredictable, savvy, and full of surprises until the end. The central conflict and characters will stay in your memory forever after you read his novels. I read this novel when I was in high school and I can still remember the words of The Poet, Robert Backus, the serial killer who used the words of Edgar Allan Poe to pursue his kill.

Of all the killers in this world, serial killers, I hated the most. I mean they’re usually intellectual but they were raised in a cruel some world and that made them the most dangerous of all the human species. They can easily adapt to their environment and hunt their prey with utmost precision and signature moves.

The Poet starts with a reporter named Jack McEvoy being depressed with his twin brother’s death. A suicide he didn’t believe. He searched for clues to find out the killer and met FBI agent Rachel Walling, one of Backus’ main proteges. Agent Walling is the Clarice Starling of the story. These characters were troubled by their own demons. The murderer they been looking for left clues using various lines from Edgar Allan Poe’s poem and prose. This is the most interesting part – Poe’s words are really haunting and evocative. It will haunt you for days and weeks which will apparently results to sleepless nights due to reading the novel. You couldn’t tear yourself away from this book once you started reading it.

Then came the FBI investigation headed by Robert Backus. He is the maladjusted kid who grew up and starts killing anybody with discreet passion. There so many logical twists in the story and at the end, the author holds its core values- protect life and vanquish evil.

Good conquers evil (of course it’s not that easy) and everybody is happy but not for a while because the murderer rises again in The Narrows.

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