New network in the Philippines! Vodafone appears on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!

I stumbled on an article by my fave blogger Yugatech. He posted that Vodafone may finally come to the Philippines. I ran a Google search and found only at least two sources talking about the Vodafone thing.

On yugatech‘s post, he pointed out that Voda had indeed setup accounts to Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. On newmedia, same was true. But the links ends with Niel Ross Goco (@jonjongoco) as the one who had started the tweet:

Neil Ross Goco
Interesting. @vodafonePH appeared on “Who to follow” on Twitter. New telco coming? @abeolandres
17 hours ago

I’m a bit sketchy if all of these are true. Of course like Yugatech, I look forward foreign telcos running here in the Philippines. Just for example, Vodafone UK gives away free SIMs so you could try their service. Unlike here in the Philippines, you’ve got to shed 40 pesos for a SIM card.

I just hope this is not an orchestrated act by some bloggers setting up fake Vodafone Philippines accounts at Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and posting an article about it just to gain attention 🙁

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