A mysterious Smart Sim I have…

My Smart prepaid number is acting strange lately. I cant get a good signal reception, and sometimes “SIM card registration failed” greet me when I check my phone for new messages.

simcardThe oddity worsened this January 3, 2012. BDO (Banco de Oro) texted me a reminder to pay my dues for a car loan. WTF?! A car loan? I even don’t have an account with them. And even if I managed to have one, the background check on my lifestyle wont qualify me for a car loan.

This was the message dated 01/03/12 2:13PM

Reminder from BDO: We did not receive any payments for your AUTO loan. Please contact Collection Officer at (034) 435-8226 for inquiries. If payment has been made, kindly disregard this reminder.

I called BDO and asked why did I received such SMS notification. The person on the line told me that maybe I had applied for or someone made me as a co-maker. Then he told me that he will call me after checking the accounts. He called back and asked me if I was related to a Mr. Legazpi from Villamonte, and in fact my mobile number was duly registered on their records. I said no, and I don’t have any account with BDO. He then asked me if I own the number, so I confidently said that I own the mobile number circa 2006. He was puzzled and apologized for the inconvenience.

I e-mailed Smart Customer hotline and I hope they could clear up things. I am now getting worried that my number is being used for sinister activities.

Feb 07, 2012: A Tagalog woman called me using a private line (no number appears on the screen). She asked if I am Zoraya Legazpi. I said not again, its wrong number. I told her “are you from BDO”? She said no. She then asked me if in fact this (my number) is located at Negros and she confirmed the mobile number. I said yes. Then she said “pasensya,”. Its totally nonsense!

Feb 08, 2012: Smart Customer Care replied

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Thank you for consulting us on your concern.

We are sorry that you are receiving unwanted calls. We assure you that
it is not possible for 2 different subscribers to use exactly the same
mobile number at the same time. The simplest explanation is that the
person being called may have given the wrong number.

When you are prompted with “SIM card registration failed”, just try
refreshing your account by doing the following:

> Remove and reinsert your SIM card into your phone
> Turn your handset off and on

If signal does not get restored, please consider bringing your SIM card
to a SMART Wireless Center for checking and possible replacement.

We hope the information given helps. If you have other concerns or
queries, please write us back.


Customer Care

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