Mysterious allergy that made a woman age fast baffles scientist

A 26 year old woman in Vietnam baffled doctors about her condition, where she significantly lost her youthful glow. She now looks like an 80 year old woman.

The woman, Nguyen Thi Phuong believed that this condition was triggered about by a certain seafood she ate 3 years ago, that caused her skin all over to sag and wrinkle.

She was treating herself with various types of medications, and ointments from a local pharmacy. She then switched to herbal medications, and this is where her skin started to sag.

“Then I switched to traditional medicine and all the hives disappeared, together with my itching. However, my skin began to sag and fold.”

“But the rapid-aging syndrome hasn’t affected my menstrual cycle, hair, teeth, eyes and mind.”

Phuong was checked by doctors, and they believed she had a severe case of skin disease called mastocytosis.

According to the medical experts, almost 50% to 70% of her skin can be restored with proper regimen of medications to treat mastocytosis.

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