My suicide friend’s murderer – The Womanizer

I saw the husband of my suicide friend today in the local coffee shop. He laughed like a silent prey with his woman. He always remind me of her. The murderer who took my friend’s life in soft-agonising way. For so many years, he lied to her and shared beds with other women.


The Mind Of a Womanizer [Paperback]

Sad thing is we can’t do anything about it. Auntie Doreen cried every single day because she lost her beloved daughter to a nobody. Jun is just a nobody but a product of a corrupted society and her wife was his latest victim. Yes, there would be more woman like my friend, Mayjoy, out there in a dark corner, trapped in a quicksand and it would take just a couple of nightmares until they realize that there’s no other way out but death.

I wrote a poem for a woman and a womanizer:

He and You
(December 31, 2007)

You told me his name and wept
He left a scar worn by heart
His memories you still kept
I ignore you from the start

Perhaps your love isn’t enough
For him to hold forever
And everything wasn’t tough
To make both souls fell better

Is it really you to blame
For his wicked folded lie(?)
I command goblins to came
Cuddle his breath to hell – die(!)

My thoughts fell this is a crime
So teach me my alphabet
Patience is like time
His words deserve to forget

I don’t know how nor why
You found truth inside his lie
So I’ll wait until the moment
His voice in you will be silent

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